World map showing coronavirus spread

Stay at home: Government decision for Coronavirus spread

Coronavirus spread rate is so high, it need to be controlled.

Government has given order to close everything like school, colleges, malls, gyms etc. Is this the right step to avoid spread of corona virus. Let me discuss some points with you.

In every city the corona virus started with a very few no’s like one or two. But only in a few days it has increased at a huge rate.

Graph showing coronavirus spread

So, as if we talk about India the starting cases were 2-3 and just in 10 days it has reached to 116 cases.

So, see the rapid increment in the cases of corona virus. As coronavirus spread rate is high.

I have went through many studies and now i came to this point, that remaining at home is the best option unless any urgency occurs.

The major problem

  • The coronavirus is deadly for those who are of old age or to those who have serious medical condition earlier, due to their weak immune system.
  • The person with good immune system can be cured. As a lot of people have been cured till now.
  • The problem is that, the symptoms of coronavirus takes 5-10 days to be seen in any person. So, the person with coronavirus does not know that he is been infected. So, he roams and meets with different people and making them infected.
  • This is the major problem that is causing a major spread of coronavirus.
  • So being at your home will restrict everyone to meet each other and will lead to a less spread of this virus.
  • Please stay at your home and corporate government. You will be saved by this virus but those infected by you will suffer.

How to remain safe

  • Just be at you homes and avoid going out unless or until any urgency occurs.
  • Avoid celebrating b’day parties or any other parties as it will create a small gathering.
  • Avoid eating outside food. Eat the food that is cooked at your home.
  • Wear a mask properly and avoid any type of body contact to anyone when you are going out.
  • Don’t panic if anything happens to you just go to the hospital and take medical advisory.
  • As Coronavirus takes 5-10 days or more to show it’s symptoms so don’t think that the person to whom you are meeting is not infected.
  • Use Sanitizer, soaps etc to wash you hands, Avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid having any type of body contact with the other person.
  • As precaution is better then cure, so be safe.

Complications faced by other country

  • Italy has the best hospital facilities than any other country, then also see the condition of it.
  • Like all other countries, Italy also thought that there are very less amount of infected people and took it lightly. Now see the condition of Italy.
  • More then 2000 people died in italy.
  • The infected people are more then the hospital services.
  • Now they are selecting the people whom to save and whom to leave. Due to less medical facilities.
  • The food is being send in the packets. The delivery person is giving the food by stick. They are avoiding every single contact.
  • So then also why we are not taking it seriously. We don’t want our country like this.
  • So to avoid these circumstances we should go through the government orders.

I am sharing you the links. Go and check the condition.

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